Apply for membership in ACCA

Application Criteria

1) Please begin by reading our Guiding Principles

2) Then read the ACCA Code of Conduct

3) To be considered for membership in ACCA, you must be an arts consultant practicing in Canada who meets the following criteria for membership;

  • Full Professional Status: Individuals must demonstrate a significant and ongoing body of professional consulting work in arts and culture over a period of 5 or more years and be prepared to present a list of paying clients OR a significant and ongoing body of professional, paid consulting work in arts and culture over a period of 2 years plus 10 years of directly relevant arts experience prior to working as a consultant.
  • Consultants New to the Field of Consulting: ACCA believes it is important to support consultants who are entering the profession. Membership is available for two years to applicants who have 10 or more years of experience in arts and culture but have not yet accumulated two years of consulting experience. Applicants must submit a summary of consulting goals demonstrating an intent to pursue a consulting career; a demonstrated interest in working with ACCA to strengthen the consulting field; and one reference from a current ACCA member. Applicants should be open to having a mentor / buddy relationship with a Full Professional Status ACCA member or Retired member. Successful applicants will enjoy full membership privileges during this two-year period, after which the member’s accumulated experience in arts consulting and interest in continuing as a member will be reviewed by the ACCA Membership Committee.
  • Retired:  Cultural consultants who have retired, no matter what age, are welcome to continue to be involved as your wisdom and experience is valued at ACCA. It is surprising how many times an elder tells us “here is the reason for this” or “we did that same thing in 1986 and the results were….” Retired consultants are welcome to serve on committees.
  • Individual Only: Membership is available to individuals only. Consultants who are part of consulting firms are welcome to join, as are individuals engaged on a long term contractual basis as a consultant to an arts or related organization. But please note that your consulting firm or agency cannot be a member. Membership is not transferable between individuals as each person is awarded membership based on their individual merits.
  • Education: Individuals should have completed relevant post-secondary education or certification in an arts related discipline, or have significant practical experience in the arts.
  • References: Individuals must provide the name and contact information for one client reference. New to the Field of Consulting applicants should also provide the name of a current member as a reference.
  • Participation: Any professional association is completely dependent on the participation of its members. If you do not take part in any of our activities, you will not benefit in the same manner as someone who does. So, once you join, consider serving on a committee, attending a workshop, joining our book club and showing up at an event.

Application Form

Include a list of paid consulting contracts you have undertaken in the last two years in the Canadian arts and culture sector, with a brief description of the work, the duration of the contract and information on the client. Also include a brief description of the intent or goals of your consulting work.

Professional Consultant
Consultant New to the Field
    Cultural Not-For-Profit
    Cultural For-Profit
    Federal or provincial government departments
    Funding agency
    Arts Service Organizations
    Individuals/Corporations seeking Canadian artistic production
    Festivals / presenters
    Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
    Architecture and/or technical design
    Artist/Agent Manager
    Arts education
    Audience development / engagement
    Business planning
    Capital projects (feasibility studies)
    Community arts
    Culturally diverse arts practice
    Data / information management
    Disability arts
    Exhibition design and development
    Evaluation and benchmarking
    Facility management
    Festivals and events management
    Financial Management
    Fundraising (operations)
    Fundraising (capital)
    General / operational management
    Grant and proposal writing
    Human resource planning and development
    Indigenous arts
    Legal services
    Marketing / social media / communications
    Municipal cultural planning
    Official language minority
    Organizational change
    Presenting and producing
    Project management
    Public art
    Public participation / engagement / consultation
    Public policy
    Public relations
    Strategic planning
    Venue management
    Visual Art Consultant
    Film and broadcasting
    Literary arts and publishing
    Media arts
    Museums and heritage
    Performing arts
    Visual arts and crafts
    Professional Consultants: Please include one reference from a recent client. Consultants New to the Field: Please include one reference from an ACCA member.