Be A Consultant

What is ACCA?

Arts Consultants Canada / Consultants canadiens en arts (ACCA) is Canada’s only national professional association of qualified arts consultants. We are guided by a code of conduct and professional standards. As a non-profit membership-based organization and a community of practice since 2006, we support Canada’s arts and culture sector by providing services to members and clients across the country.

ACCA members:

  • Are a diverse, inclusive and growing Canadian network
  • Provide arts consulting services nationwide
  • Work independently or collaboratively
  • Advance excellence in Canadian arts and culture
  • Envision a vibrant and sustainable Canadian arts and culture sector

What does ACCA do?

  • Connects members with contract opportunities and potential clients in need of expertise and support
  • Fosters a culture where knowledge-sharing is prioritized and valued
  • Facilitates networking, professional development and mentorship opportunities
  • Promotes and builds a strong supportive arts consulting community of practice
  • Provides and follows a peer-reviewed professional consulting code of conduct

Benefits of Membership

  • Grow your consulting practice
  • Access arts and cultural sector RFPs at your fingertips
  • Connect with Canada’s largest group of arts consultants via our Membership Directory
  • Profile your expertise with your ideal clients and other arts consultants
  • Network, share knowledge, and access professional development that’s right for arts consultants

About our member application process

ACCA members are selected through a peer-based process led by our Membership committee. To be eligible for membership, applicants need to demonstrate sound experience and expertise, agree to our code of conduct, as well as provide references. For more, see our Application Criteria.

Apply now to become an ACCA member

Complete and submit the member application form. Our Membership committee meets regularly to review applications. Your membership fee is due upon application approval.


  • $195 + HST/year
  • Retired professional fee: $50 + HST/year