Peer to Peer Mentorship

Leading the Sector Through Mentorship

Happy mentoring scene

The ACCA Peer-to-Peer Mentorship was a successful program designed to provide valuable assistance to inspire, rebuild and renew professional capacity after the challenges of the pandemic, namely the departure of overstretched arts workers and the disincentives to move into or progress in the field. This program enabled ACCA to broaden its offerings, expand its reach and involve an increased diversity of participation to assist both experienced and aspiring leaders to access mentorship in areas critical to meeting today’s challenges.

The program paired 24 experienced mentors with 24 mentees (in both French and English) working in the live performing arts sector, to allowed for focused training and knowledge transfer, helping each other to “rebuild better”.

“My mentor shared with me unique, sensitive insights and practical information that I would not be able to learn or resource elsewhere”.

“Very grateful to have been a part of this program – it must have been very carefully curated because the mentor match was perfect”.

This project was part of the ACCA Professional Development, Renewing Your Capacity Initiative funded by the Government of Canada Department of Canadian Heritage – Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund.