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ACCA is pleased to announce a new vision for the organization with a new Strategic Plan.

Please take a look. ACCA Strategic Plan 2021-26 English ACCA Strategic Plan 2021-26 French


ACCA Members are all acknowledged arts consultants who adhere to the association’s Code of Professional Conduct and are accepted into the Association through a peer-juried process.

A consultant is an experienced individual who is trained to analyze, advise and/or facilitate in order to help clients make the best possible choices; a consultant provides counsel and assistance to a client on specific assignments.

The organization’s founding objectives serve both arts consultants and the sector.

To serve the professional development of arts consultants by:

  • Providing networking opportunities with other arts consultants working in the field in Canada; and
  • Providing a forum for discussion of issues of concern to the arts and professional consultants.


To serve artists, arts organizations, funders, public policy-makers and, by extension, arts audiences in Canada by:

  • Identifying a body of skilled, experienced and knowledgeable colleagues;
  • Recommending qualifications, ethics and practices for arts consultants;
  • Offering opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and development of the field; and
  • Promoting the use of experienced and qualified professionals in the field.
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