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Book Club is Back!

September 21 @ 7pm EDT

Our next book is The Burnout Challenge: Managing People’s Relationships with Their Jobs by Christina Maslach and Michal P. Leiter. In this book two pioneering researchers identify key causes of workplace burnout and reveal what managers can do to promote increased productivity and health.
This lively session will be led by ACCA members Sue Edworthy and Kayla Calder. The Burnout Challenge is easily available at libraries, online and your local bookstores. Register now.

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Peer-to-Peer Mentorship

After the challenges of the pandemic, we know that many overstretched arts workers left the industry. Others were disinclined to move into or even progress in the field.

ACCA provides assistance to inspire, rebuild and renew professional capacity.

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ACCA members each bring 10+ years of lived and work experience in the arts — and by “arts” we mean it in the broadest sense, including: performing arts, visual arts, fine arts, literary arts, media + digital arts, festivals, arts + crafts, heritage buildings, civic planning for the arts, inter-arts, deaf and disability arts, circus arts and more. Our members individually or collectively provide informed strategic and technical advice to increase the value of your work and Canada’s arts and culture sector.

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