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Building a Successful Partnership Activity

Arts organizations have always sought out partnerships to help them develop – to increase their dissemination and production opportunities, to reach new audiences or to share services and infrastructure. Your organization may be thinking of entering a partnership with a group in another sector – or considering a long-term collaboration with an organization that is quite different in structure or mandate. Roger Gaudet and Victoria Steele discuss a simple exercise that partners can do to get to know each other better, improve communication and smooth the way forward in partnering activities.

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ACCA members each bring 10+ years of lived and work experience in the arts — and by “arts” we mean it in the broadest sense, including: performing arts, visual arts, fine arts, literary arts, media + digital arts, festivals, arts + crafts, heritage buildings, civic planning for the arts, inter-arts, deaf and disability arts, circus arts and more. Our members individually or collectively provide informed strategic and technical advice to increase the value of your work and Canada’s arts and culture sector.

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