Privacy Policy

Member information

ACCA collects and stores its members private information on this site. Apart from information posted on the ‘Find a Consultant’ page, the information members provide to ACCA is private and won’t be sold, traded, given away or displayed to anyone.

Email List

We collect email addresses and names for our mailing list. This information is stored on Mailchimp but is considered private. We won’t sell, trade, donate or divulge it either.

Website Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect anonymized information about visitor traffic for the purposes of gathering data about who uses our site and how. That information too, we keep private.

Ticketholder Information

We occasionally organize events for which we sell tickets. The information ticket buyers supply to us is private. It is not traded, sold, given away or otherwise divulged.

RFP Submissions

We solicit RFPs from individuals, companies and organizations seeking the services of our members. These documents and the meta-information supplied with them is made available to members of the ACCA