Please provide the following in Word or PDF format to info[@]artsconsultants.ca with the subject “Membership Application”

  1. Your name, current address, email and telephone contacts, website URL
  2. CV or resume. This document should clearly outline where and when you served as an employee, consultant or temporary contractor. And it should include your areas of consulting specialization (i.e. fundraising, strategic planning, programming) if that is not already clear on your website.
  3. Two client references. Two client references are required. If New to the Field of Consulting it is helpful if you can also provide a current ACCA member as a referral in addition to two professional references.
  4. List of clients. Applicants for professional membership must provide a list of clients over a five year period and a brief description of work performed for each client. Consultants New to the Field of Consulting should submit a brief summary of consulting goals, areas of expertise, and client list to date including your role for each project.



Applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee on a monthly basis. You may be contacted by a volunteer member of the committee if we have questions.

Recommendations are then made to the Board of Directors for acceptance. Please note that this process may take a few weeks, depending on how our meeting schedule aligns with the date that your application is received.

Once accepted for ACCA membership, you will be notified by our office. At this point, your annual membership fee of $150.00 + HST is due and payable online. Membership is finalized when payment of the annual fee is received. Our office administrator will provide you with information about how to complete your online profile. Please note that your online profile must include a photograph before it goes live.

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