The Whistler Arts Council (WAC) is seeking proposals from qualified parties to develop a new Five Year Strategic Plan. The current strategic plan, “Our Vision, Desired End Result & Areas of Focus 2005-2015” expires in 2015 and the Board of Directors intends to introduce a new plan at its AGM in May of 2015.

The project proponent will work with WAC and key stakeholders to develop a five year Strategic Plan for the years 2016 through 2020.
The new plan will respond to WAC’s role in bringing the community together to deliver on the aspirations embedded in the Community Cultural Plan. It will review and affirm or renew the organizations vision, purpose and desired end results by 2020. The new plan will be crafted with language that is clear and easy to read, that is definitive and not vague or general in nature.

The proponent will work with a Steering Committee to review engagement results, progress, next steps and drafts of the plan. The development process is to incorporate a stakeholder engagement framework that includes early input to understand expectations, concerns and interests and subsequent testing of the draft plan with stakeholders. It will tailor the method and level of engagement with each stakeholder group to ensure meaningful response and input into the planning process.

The Steering Committee will be available to meet with the successful proponent as needed throughout the project.

Proposals: Submissions should respond to the following requirements for information:
• A description of the approach to be used in developing the plan
• Proponents timeline
• Resources or technology to be used
• Fee proposal
• Relevant experience and history
• Three references
• Resumes for key personnel
• Contact information of lead for this project

Deadline: Friday, December 19, 2014 at 4:00PM
Email pdf to: Doti Niedermayer, Executive Director –

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Closing DateClosing date: 12/19/2014