The Myer Horowitz Theatre provides a welcoming environment for the Edmonton community to put on high-caliber, professional shows. The theatre is quite versatile: hosting concerts, speakers, ceremonies, comedians, plays, competitions, recitals, and anything else that organizers can dream up. Past performers and users have ranged from local community groups to international touring artists and companies. With a long record of hosting artists from all disciplines of the performing arts, the theatre is highly respected for culture and entertainment in Western Canada and is known internationally as a reliable promoter and facility operator.

As a soft-seat theatre with a capacity of 720, the Myer Horowitz Theatre is a unique and intimate venue that has seen thousands of audiences throughout its run. The Students’ Union strongly believes that cultural and entertainment presentations are of great importance to both campus and community audiences. Because of the multi-faceted nature of the events put on, the Horowitz also sees a high degree of diverse and varied crowds. The majority of ticket-holders come from outside the campus realm to take in a show, and the Horowitz acts a first glimpse of post-secondary institutions for many of these spectators.

Originally opened in 1967 as the SUB Theatre, this venue was designed and developed by James Hull Miller and was renamed in 1989 for the outgoing University President, Dr. Myer Horowitz. The theatre has undergone few renovations in the past fifty years, including a major overhaul in 1983 and a technical upgrade in 1988. The theatre has not seen substantive renovations for over 25 years. Long overdue for renovation and restoration. the SU is committed to returning the theatre to a calibre that is worthy of its long history of service.

In order to proceed on this project, we are seeking a theatre assessment and will be accepting proposals until the end of August 2015.

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Closing DateClosing date: 08/31/2015