Canadian Heritage Report: A Vision for Cultural Hubs and Districts in Canada

Canadian Heritage Standing Committee’s Report: A Vision for Cultural Hubs and Districts in Canada

“The Government recognizes that cultural spaces and places bring people together to engage and participate in artistic activities, to share thoughts, ideas, and cultural expressions, and to build a vibrant sense of shared experience. The Report and its recommendations make a valuable contribution to the understanding of the role played by cultural hubs and districts, and how to maximize their contribution to the social and economic vitality of Canadian communities.”

To read A Vision for Cultural Hubs and Districts in Canada, click here.

To read the Government Response to the Canadian Heritage Report, click here.

Get It In Writing

While arts and culture rarely figure prominently in federal elections, there were some tantalizing promises made during the campaign leading up to the election on October 19.

Now, the new federal government has indicated its intention to make good on the promises… and they have put it in writing in the Mandate Letter to Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage. Here is a sample of what we hope to expect in the coming years:

  • Restoration and increased funding for CBC/Radio-Canada, following consultation with the broadcaster and the Canadian cultural community.
  • Doubled investment in the Canada Council for the Arts.
  • Increased funding for Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board.
  • Restoration of the Promart and Trade Routes International cultural promotion programs.
  • Increased funding for the Young Canada Works program to help prepare the next generation of Canadians working in the heritage sector.

Read the complete letter here.

Digging Into The Numbers

Since October 2013, CAPACOA has been digging into years of statistics collected by Canadian Heritage. With roughly 600 clients of the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF), there is a wealth of information that is available. Here are some of the findings:

  • Canadian presenting organizations pay artistic fees estimated at more than $200 million per year.
  • CAPF clients paid an average of $177,000 in artist fees.
  • Considering reported expenses between 2008-2012, direct fees paid to artists averaged $107.9 million. Of this, $77.5 million were paid to Canadian artists annually and $30.4 million to foreign artists.
  • CAPF clients report average attendance exceeding 20 million per year.

Read the full report here.

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