Small World Music, working collaboratively with fellow world-music promoters Batuki Music Society, Uma Nota Culture, Good Kind Productions and more, will engage in a World Music Collective Shared Platform Strategic Planning process. These world music live presentation organizations referred to here as the World Music Collective (WMC), provide essential grassroots programming with culturally diverse artists for both mainstream and culturally-specific markets. Providing programming for African, Latin-American, South and East Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European demographics among others, these organizations play a key role in meeting market needs for Toronto’s growing culturally diverse audiences and performers.

Having identified opportunities to strengthen the sector, the World Music Collective is engaged in a strategic planning process to explore ways to share resources and increase concert output to meet increasing needs of the market. Small World staff are working closely with stakeholders (fellow presenters, funding officers, other shared platforms etc) in rigorously investigating the items below to identify a clear path forward. Ideally, this work will result in a 3-5 year strategic plan document to address sector issues, reach goals and accordingly adjust along the way when challenges arise.

The focus goals of the strategic planning process are:

  1. Increasing capacity for small and mid-sized organizations to co-exist more sustainably with larger, better-resourced organizations
  2. Establish a short, medium and long term plan for the development of a Shared Platform to support the presentation of live world music by collective members
  3. Addressing market need for culturally diverse programming in Toronto

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Closing DateClosing date: 01/13/2017