The Resource Centre for the Arts (RCA) is a not-for-profit, registered charity organization, governed by an elected volunteer board of directors. RCA is dedicated to the development, promotion and presentation of art and artists in Newfoundland and Labrador and is also committed to expanding programming to include national and international performing artists for a more eclectic and diverse roster. Founded 42 years ago, RCA operates out of the former Longshoremen’s Protective Union Hall (LSPU ), a registered heritage building in the heart of downtown St. John’s. In 2010, with the financial contribution of three levels of government, the LSPU completed a significant renovation providing a quality, purposeful designed theatre for arts producers, state of the art theatre equipment and an enhanced space for audiences. The renovation of the building has allowed RCA to offer a much more comfortable and enjoyable theatre experience to audiences. These building enhancements have resulted in some audience growth; however, there is an opportunity to retain and extend existing audiences as well as build new audiences.

The board of directors, through its Marketing Sub-Committee, has identified the need to prepare a strategic marketing plan which has as its primary objective the retention and expansion of existing audiences and the building of new audiences. Existing marketing initiatives have primarily focused on specific theatre productions without a comprehensive and cohesive strategic marketing plan.

The objectives of the strategic marketing plan are to:
– build a strong, identifiable, relevant message in support of audience development
– build and brand RCA as the premiere theatre experience in the Northeast Avalon Region
– create awareness and generate interest and knowledge of the RCA product, RCA presentation programming
– leverage existing and identify potential new marketing partnership in support of audience development

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Closing DateClosing date: 01/09/2015