The desired outcome for the Study will be to detail a recommended approach for Niagara Region for the creation of a Public Art Policy, and a draft of a policy. The approach should consider all Regional facilities (both owned and leased) and their internal and external needs, infrastructure projects, and significant assets (such as our fleet).

This approach will include guidelines that at a minimum consider:

  • Funding – including the funding source, situations when funds should be put aside, management of the funds, and long-term maintenance of the works
  • Implementation – roles and responsibilities, risk management and ownership issues, temporary and permanent installations, generally preferred locations (e.g. public access areas, trails, urban and / or natural areas), selection of works, accessibility, and timing
  • Relationships – public involvement, recognition of other policies / practices (e.g. Local municipal or Regional), linkages to other public development, and procedural processes
  • Creative – content (e.g. restrictions, themes), materials, functionality, opportunities (e.g. types of infrastructure, internal / external, temporary structures, moving resources), artist requirements (e.g. experience, local), rotation of temporary works, storage, maintenance, and siting needs (e.g. lighting, humidity, stability)

A potential component of the study is to develop an inventory and maintenance plan for the existing public art works the Region currently owns, that includes a better understanding of their value. This would be considered an additional phase or component of the project, and may be tendered separately.


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Closing DateClosing date: 11/13/2014