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At The Mic / Au micro
Leadership Coaching: An approach for arts consultants

The field of coaching has recently exploded as has an expectation that everyone should be able to coach as part of their role as consultant, supervisor or colleague. But what is coaching exactly? Join Jewell Goodwyn and Lucy White as they explore what coaching is and is not, how coaching, mentoring, and consulting differ and how coaching skills can be useful tools to bring to your consulting practice.

Lucy White is a certified coach and cultural executive with over thirty years’ experience.

She crashed her first ACCA members-only meeting in about 2013 when still employed full-time as executive director of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

As a Principal with The Osborne Group, Lucy serves as interim executive director for non-profit organizations. Recent cultural sector clients include: Koffler Centre of the Arts, Norm Foster Theatre Festival, Gardiner Museum, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, and Orchestras Canada.

Lucy’s long-time interest in personal and professional development in the non-profit sector led her study mindfulness practices, co-active coaching, and to become a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach. Lucy offers Mental Fitness for Nonprofit Leaders as well as individual coaching.

Lucy is an active volunteer and has served many boards including Mindfulness Everyday, Friends of the Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books, CHRC and ACCA. She is a founder of the Canadian Arts Coalition.

Jewell Goodwyn, principal of J.R. Goodwyn Consulting, has worked in the not-for-profit arts sector for nearly three decades, with twenty+ years serving the artist run centre community as President and Founding Executive Director of Artist Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario (ARCCO.) Jewell established alliances and networks regionally, provincially and nationally to build support for the artist run centre community. Goodwyn is a founding member of Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA). With fellow Ontario arts service organizations, Jewell also initiated the cross disciplinary coalition PASO-OPSA, to strengthen and increase public investment in the arts in Ontario.Since 2020, Jewell has served as an Artsvest Mentor, for Business of the Arts, and has worked with over 30 administrators of arts organizations, nationwide.Jewell is committed to cultivating environments that are equitable, inclusive and respectful. Jewell’s areas of expertise include organizational development, board governance, strategic planning, profile building and network-building.

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