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To be considered for membership in ACCA, you must be an arts consultant practicing in Canada who meets ACCA’s Membership Criteria.

You must also agree to support the objectives of ACCA and comply with the ACCA Code of Professional Conduct.

  1. Specialization: Individuals must work in arts and culture disciplines and/or consulting specialties as outlined in the Membership Application.
  2. Professional Status: Individuals must demonstrate either:
    1. a significant and ongoing body of professional consulting work in arts and culture over a period of 5 or more years; or
    2. a significant and ongoing body of professional consulting work in arts and culture over a period of 2 years plus 10 years of directly relevant arts experience prior to working as a consultant.
  3. Consultants New to the Field: ACCA believes it is important to support consultants who are entering the profession. Membership is available for two years to applicants who have 10 or more years of experience in arts and culture but have not yet accumulated two years of consulting experience. Applications must include: a one paragraph summary of your consulting goals demonstrating an intent to pursue a consulting career; a demonstrated interest in working with ACCA to strengthen the consulting field; and one reference from a current ACCA member. Applicants should be open to having a peer relationship with an ACCA member. Successful applicants will have full membership privileges during this two-year period, after which the member’s accumulated experience in arts consulting and interest in continuing as a member will be jointly discussed by the member and the ACCA Membership Committee.
  4. Individual Status: Membership is available to individuals only. Consultants who are part of consulting firms are invited to join, as are individuals engaged on a contractual basis as a consultant to an arts or related organization.
  5. Education: Individuals should have completed relevant post-secondary education or certification in an arts related discipline, or have significant practical experience in the arts field.
  6. References: Individuals must provide the name and contact information for two references, including one from a recent client and one may be from an existing ACCA member.
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