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Benefits of Membership

  • Community of Practice – ACCA supports the advancement of a national community of practice among professional arts and culture consultants.
  • Finding Work – ACCA regularly distributes Requests for Proposals offered by organizations, government departments and agencies. Members also benefit from referrals from other members when specialized expertise is required or when one consultant is too busy to take on a specific project within the timeline requested.
  • Professional Development – Members enjoy professional development opportunities throughout the year free of charge and online. These workshops and discussion groups cover a variety of topics of interest to our profession. Members may also participate in our online book club on a per book basis.
  • Networking – Each consultant has experience and connections that others may benefit from. ACCA provides a forum and personal introductions to consultants across the country so that we may share our experiences with each other. Be it how best to bill our time, follow up after a contract is finished, improve our facilitation skills or deal with a sticky situation – chances are that someone among us has had a similar experience and can offer insights and solutions. There are member organized, informal meet-ups in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver from time to time.
  • Web Page Each ACCA member has their own profile page on the ACCA website that serves as a public catalogue of consultants. Each member controls the content of their own page within a standardized format. Most consultants link their ACCA page with their own website.
  • Mentorship – ACCA has membership categories that include New To The Field and Retired consultants and there is a mentorship role for retired professionals. New consultants have the opportunity to “buddy up” with a more experienced mentor to assist them through the start-up phases of their business.
  • Professional Standards – Only qualified, experienced consultants are accepted as members by peer assessment. Applicants must demonstrate that they have the required experience and years of practice required. References are mandatory.
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