I’m pleased to pass on just a few of the comments and observations made by ACCA members during a phone conversation outreach effort made by board members:

  • Arts and culture silos  – we need to continue to reach out to a broader cross-section of our communities;
  • Issues of sustainability still front and centre for many organizations;
  • Succession planning is on the agenda as many founders are retiring;
  • Creative spaces need to be more flexible as artists embrace new technology;
  • Plans get developed but then people change and the knowledge is not retained;
  • The increasing support at the municipal level is a trend to watch;
  • More research in the sector would be helpful for positioning;
  • Reconciliation efforts with Indigenous communities are being discussed coast to coast.

ACCA will continue to pass on our informal findings as we take the pulse of the arts and culture sector through our members’ work with a diverse client base.

Sandra Thomson, President