The City of Surrey is seeking the services of a consultant team to undertake a facility and services needs assessment in relation to the delivery of a new Parks, Recreation and Culture Strategic Plan.

Project Objectives

The Proponent will research, assess and report back on PRC facility and service needs related to this project. Outcomes will contribute to the development of the next PRC Plan, and provide rationale to support new changes in service delivery and policy. The broad goal of this process will be to provide a robust assessment of the Department’s current standing in facility and service provision, in relation to global and local trends, best practices, comparator cities and changing demographic and societal needs.

Source: http://www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca/open.dll/showDisplayDocument?sessionID=768647688&disID=33801054&docType=Tender&dis_version_nos=0&doc_search_by=Tend&docTypeQual=TN

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Closing DateClosing date: 12/15/2016