Editor’s Message, Spring 2013

Michael Malone, Principal, Cerulian | 

Greetings! As the Editor of this first periodical Arts Consultants Canada/Consultants canadiens en arts eBulletin I hope that you will find the excellent information provided within to be of assistance to your consulting practice, the management of your arts organization and to keeping you abreast of arts management issues and practices in Canada.

For this initial publication we are pleased to include an ACCA President’s Message from Jenny Ginder; an overview of ACCA programming initiatives by Jerry Smith, Chair of ACCA Programming Committee; informative and timely articles from Louise Poulin, Jay Katz and Heather Young; a case study by Denis Bertrand about one of his recent projects with the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario; and in the Member News we’re pleased to highlight the recent publication by Lidia Varbanova, Strategic Management in the Arts.

Besides these contributors this initiative would have not been possible without the support for layout and distribution by Signe Barlow and Sue Edworthy and special thanks must go out to Louise Poulin who encouraged our creation of a French version and supported it by translating most of articles. The publication of this new communication was a significant accomplishment for our volunteer team and distributing in both official languages truly allows ACCA to fulfill its national mandate.

As this is our first issue we hope that you will provide us with your opinions about the type of information included and provide us with your related content for future issues. If you have news or announcements; or if you would like to submit a case study or article, please submit a brief summary to editor@artsconsultants.ca by August 19, 2013.

We welcome your input and hope that as arts consultants you will find this publication useful for your practice and your clients; or as arts mangers it will assist you to incorporate best practices within your arts organizations. Please help us extend the expertise provided by distributing this publication to your clients or other arts organizations and encourage their subscription.

President’s Message, Spring 2013

Jenny Ginder, Ginder Consulting | 

This, our first newsletter, is an important step in ACCA’s development as a professional association and a reflection of our desire to strengthen our ties with consultants and clients.

Our mission is to advance and promote ethical, excellent and effective consulting in Canada’s arts and culture sector. We now have almost 60 consultant members who share this mission, ready to put their professional expertise to work to strengthen the sector. So I have two suggestions:

  • To all consultants, if you are not a member, and meet the criteria please consider joining this growing association of your peers.
  • To all arts organizations, government agencies and foundations, if you are looking for a consultant, check out our searchable database of members to find the consultant with the skills and expertise you require. Also, if you have a RFP, send it to us at info@artsconsultants.ca and we will distribute it to the membership to ensure you have a robust and informed response.

ACCA’s vision is to be the nexus for arts consulting practice in Canada. With our professional development program, networking events, website and other communications strategies we are well on our way to realizing this vision.

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