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BC – BE Aware

The new Societies Act is coming! Learn about the new Societies Act. Here. A guide to the transition process can be found here. Also, visit Law for…

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The Times, They are a-Changing

“The nonprofit sector is large and robust, and our staff and volunteer leadership play a critical role in Canadian communities,” say the authors of An…

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Diversity in the Workplace

A survey of over 500 UK-based arts workers suggest the sector is “deeply conflicted about the best way to improve diversity in its workforce.” The…

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Words, Words and More Words

Do the words we choose help or hinder us? Can one word be so overburdened with meaning that it is essentially meaningless? In a relatively…

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Crunching the Numbers

Earlier in the year, Hill Strategies released its report: “Finances and Attendance of Arts Organizations”. Containing information that will be important for every arts consultant,…

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