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Astrid Heyerdahl
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Astrid Arts & Heritage Consulting




British Columbia

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Consulting Goals

My consulting goals for the ACCA encompass a multifaceted approach aimed at empowering not-for-profit cultural organizations and their leadership teams to thrive in today's dynamic landscape: 1. **Empowering Next-Generation Executive Directors**: I am committed to supporting the next generation of not-for-profit cultural Executive Directors by providing tailored guidance and mentorship. Through personalized coaching and development programs, I aim to equip emerging leaders with the skills and confidence to navigate complex governance issues, implement effective HR management strategies, and cultivate joyful and cohesive teams aligned with their organization's vision and mission. 2. **Strategic Planning and Organizational Development**: I am dedicated to guiding organizations through strategic planning processes that foster innovation, sustainability, and growth. By leveraging my expertise in strategic thinking and facilitation, I will assist organizations in articulating clear visions, setting actionable goals, and devising robust strategies to achieve long-term success. Additionally, I will provide support in areas such as capital project management, (re)branding initiatives, and board education to strengthen organizational capacity and enhance impact. 3. **Fostering Collaboration and Impact**: I believe in the power of collaboration and collective action to drive positive change within the cultural sector. As a consultant, I am committed to fostering partnerships and facilitating dialogue among diverse stakeholders to catalyze innovation, address systemic challenges, and amplify the impact of cultural organizations within their communities. By facilitating knowledge exchange and best practice sharing, I will help organizations unlock new opportunities for collaboration and collective impact. 4. **Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion**: Central to my consulting practice is a commitment to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within the cultural sector. I will work closely with organizations to embed EDI principles into their strategic planning processes, policies, and practices, fostering inclusive environments where all voices are heard and valued. Through targeted training and capacity-building initiatives, I will support organizations in cultivating diverse leadership pipelines and fostering cultures of belonging and equity. 5. **Measurable Impact and Continuous Improvement**: I am dedicated to delivering measurable results and driving continuous improvement in my consulting engagements. By establishing clear metrics for success and conducting regular evaluations, I will ensure that my clients achieve tangible outcomes and realize their full potential. Moreover, I will remain adaptive and responsive to evolving needs and feedback, continuously refining my approach to deliver maximum value and impact.

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new to the field of consulting

Biographical Info

Astrid Heyerdahl is an adaptive leader passionate about equity and change-management within the cultural sector. As an award-winning curator and heritage project manager, she has successfully supported arts and heritage organizations for 20 years, holding roles as Executive Director, Board Member, Curator, and Educational Programmer. Her expertise in strategic planning is rooted in a desire to facilitate lasting and meaningful change, truth and reconciliation, and organizational resilience. Astrid holds an Honours BA in Visual Arts, a Masters of Art History, and a Masters of Education specializing in Museum pedagogy. When working in diverse organizations, she employs contemporary museology and fully aligns with UNDRIP, the TRC Calls to Action, and sectoral EDI work. Astrid is also completing her CCMP certification (2024), further solidifying her expertise in driving organizational change and transformational leadership. Additionally, she has embraced the principles of transformative coaching, undergoing training as a Life Coach in 2024, equipping her with tools to empower individuals and teams, fostering personal and professional growth in alignment with organizational objectives. With a strong passion for and knowledge of museums, art galleries, archives, and the performing arts, Astrid is poised to strengthen the connection between your organization and the local community. Her dedication to remaining relevant, sustainable, and ever-evolving in our current cultural climate ensures that she will work tirelessly to advance your organization's mission and goals. To work sustainably, Astrid primarily operates remotely, connecting with clients via online tools and platforms. Looking ahead, she remains committed to leveraging her diverse skill set and knowledge base to support organizations in their quest for resilience, relevance, and inclusivity within the cultural landscape. Guided by principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, Astrid is dedicated to driving lasting and meaningful change, fostering a more vibrant and inclusive cultural ecosystem for all.

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Primary Clients

Cultural Not-For-Profit, Municipalities, Federal or provincial government departments, Funding agency, Arts Service Organizations

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Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Arts education, Audience development / engagement, Capital projects (feasibility studies), Community arts, Culturally diverse arts practice, Exhibition design and development, Evaluation and benchmarking, Financial Management, Fundraising (operations), General / operational management, Governance, Grant and proposal writing, Human resource planning and development, Organizational change, Project management, Public art, Public participation / engagement / consultation, Strategic planning

Frequent Disciplines

Museums and heritage, Visual arts and crafts, Multi-disciplinary