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Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperity by Cate Proctor

Artists are the creative germ of the arts sector. Without artists, the arts ecosystem would simply not exist. Period. Yet, the ripple effect of a vibrant arts sector—within economic and creative industry terms—often overshadows fundamental components of creative cultivation. If we truly understand the drivers for artistic creation, we easily recognize artists’ implicit and explicit influences on social, economic, and community development. Applying this knowledge shifts value to the front end of the value chain, to artists, whose work both spawns local arts scenes and drives scalable impacts for creative industries and non-arts sectors.

Artists bring unique perspectives and insights to their work. In many cases they hold a mirror to society showing the rest of us ‘what really is’. Can this be this intimidating? You bet!

Come join the conversation to learn how we can better integrate unique voices that exist in our communities. We will explore potential ways and means to appreciate and activate artists’ presence. We will discuss how their creative role is a fundamental pillar for the arts ecosystem, and when nurturing artists’ creative capacity, we also cultivate social, well-being and economic benefits.

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