At ACCA’s 8th Annual General Meeting on September 18th, the Nominating Committee presented the following Board slate for 2015/16:

Anne Frost, Toronto, ON – Treasurer
Paul Gravett, Vancouver, BC
Elizabeth MacKinnon, Ottawa, ON – Secretary
Jennifer Murray, Toronto, ON
Virginia Stephen, Lunenburg, NS
Jerry Smith, Toronto, ON – President
Sandra Thomson, Nanaimo, BC – Vice-President
Lidia Varbanova, Montreal, QC
Lucy White, Toronto, ON

Board Committees for 2015/16 are as follows:

Marketing and Communications Committee
Provides overall guidance and direction for website, marketing, member communications, and ACCA event promotion.

Chair: Paul Gravett, Vancouver
Members: Debra Chandler, Toronto; Kathleen Darby, Ladysmith; Patricia Huntsman, Nanoose Bay; Jerry Smith, Etobicoke; Lidia Varbanova, Montreal; Signe Barlow (Staff support)

Programming Committee
Recommends and organizes professional development workshops and seminars for ACCA membership.

Co-Chairs: Lucy White, Toronto
Members: Jennifer Mallard, Toronto; Sue Harvey, Vancouver; Keely Kemp, Toronto; Jennifer Murray, Toronto; Lidia Varbanova, Montreal

Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee
Recommends and organizes services for ACCA members.

Chair: Sandra Thomson, Nanaimo
Members: Angela Birdsell, Fredericton; Jenny Mitchell, Ottawa; Terry Schwalm, Saskatoon; Virginia Stephen, Lunenburg

New Member Review Committee
Chair: Micheline McKay, Toronto
Members: Carrie Brooks-Joiner, Burlington; Terry Schwalm, Saskatoon; Cheryl Ewing, Kitchener; Jenny Ginder, Toronto; Leslie Thompson, Vancouver; Lynn Werker, Vancouver

Nominating Committee
Chair: Sandra Thomson, Nanaimo
Members: Jerry Smith, Etobicoke; vacancy